“Adoption is a blessing from God. To be adopted means that God had a wonderful plan for you to be raised by people he hand picked for you.”


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You Are Wanted


few months ago, I happened to get to know Dr. Nicole Eastman, who practices therapeutic writing and ministry. She was working on a project – putting together an anthology on how to overcome barriers to happiness in life; and she did me the honor of inviting me to participate! It really transformed my outlook on life working with these 27 other co-authors. Now our book – I Am! Love, Wisdom, and Guidance through Soul Reflection – is complete, and I wanted to let you know all about it!

From life coaches, to therapists, nurses and writers, to inspirational speakers and yoga instructors, our co-authors look at life’s traumas and turmoil on a very personal level. Then each writer gives you a view of what it’s like on the other side of the pain. I Am! will give you some very practical advice to help you move forward in your own life.

We live in a broken world where people often face real hurt. Many of these issues of pain stem from our youth and follow us into adulthood. Underneath deceiving appearances and tough outer shells, we are struggling. So it helps to know that others have been through similar experiences, that we are not alone.

The mission inspiring the collective writing of I Am! Love, Wisdom, and Guidance through Soul Reflection is to provide readers with a sense of being understood through the authors’ sharing of their real life personal experiences, the insight they gained through lessons learned and ways to move forward. This book will encourage your own self-reflection and help you identify barriers in life that prevent personal growth and joyful living.

There IS hope. See that you are not alone. Find out the next step to take in YOUR life. Read about it in I Am!

Wishing you love and wisdom,

Shannon Monticciolo-Davis

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the authors in the book and our YouTube Channel, click here www.iamcompilation.com to see the latest.

“A little about me”


hannon Monticciolo-Davis was raised in a small knit community called St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Though she loved her small community, she had visions of a bigger community she acted upon. After graduating from Michigan State University and marrying her husband Joe, she moved to Prosper, Texas. Using her small town personality and her gift to gab, she spent 10 years consulting companies and showing them how to grow their businesses. Through hard work, Shannon was able to become a director of business development at a world-renowned ballet school. Though Shannon misses her small town back home, she has established her own community through others that have been adopted.

Email: smonticciolo1@gmail.com


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